The Perfect Jade Gifts by Mason-Kay

Dec 13, 2011
Continuous Water & Green Jadeite Jade Flower RingLooking for the perfect unique gift idea this holiday season? Baffled by someone who has everything, who has a unique style all their own, who always seems to find a thoughtful Carved Rabbit Purse Charmand interesting gift for you? Struggle no more.

This Continuous Green and Water Jadeite Jade ring above is a perfect example of a unique jewelry gift. This beautiful green jade carved flower atop Carved Black Jade Disk Necklacea solid water jade ring with diamond center is a very trendy any popular style (size 8 only).

Jade purse charms are one of the most fabulous jade gifts. Not sure of her taste and size, don't want to overspend - these jade charms can been worn on purses & belt loops and hung from desk lamps, rear view mirrors, etc. Numerous styles and jade carving combinations to choose from, you will find one that is perfect. Not sure where to start, try looking up her Chinese Zodiac sign here, then find a carving to match. Shown to the right, a jade purse charm with jade bead accents and a carved green jade rabbit - #4 on the Chinese Zodiac Sign Chart.

Green Jadeite Jade pi or disk pendantThis green jade 'pi' or disc pendant, is a staple for any jade jewelry lover, whether male of female. Perfect for wear on a chain of any metal color a or a silk or leather cord necklace. These disc pendants are available in many jade colors. To the right is our very popular carved black jade disc pendant on an adjustable black silk cord necklace with jade bead accents.

Black jade cufflinksAlso for him - these fine black jade round cuff Carved Black Jade Flower Ringlinks are perfect. Great for any formal occasion. Black jade in general is a safe choice as it can accompany any outfit and style. Flower rings in general have been a hot buy this fall season. This carved black jade flower ring with pave diamond center is a popular and affordable beauty.
Green Jade Mermaid
Bangles, bangles, bangles. No matter the material bangles are extremely hot. The beauty of a jade bangle its intense durability. This carved black jade is again Carved Black Jade Banglean ideal choice for a gift. Also, this bangle can be worn with other bangles of any material - an absolute winner to compliment gold and silver bangles.

If you have a true jade lover and have the funds for finer pieces these two are fabulous examples. To the left is a new designer style exhibiting a fine green jadeite jade marquis stone set in a beautiful 18k white gold mounting with diamonds. The pin/pendant shown to your right is the ultimate unique jade gift. This mermaid's scales are carved green jadeite jade. She is adorned with pave diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and rock crystal top.

Carved Green and Lavender Jade Buddha StatuaryFine Green Jadeite Marquis RingLast, but never least, are jadeite statuary. Mason-Kay Jade has an extensive selection of jade statuary. The Chinese take their carvings very seriously and are very specific about the significance of the art symbols used. Click here to see a list of some of the most popular and beautiful Chinese art symbols used for carving a statuary or pendant.

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