Designs by Kristina

"Just as every piece of jade is unique...Every Kristina design is a one of a kind creation" - Kristina

Mason-Kay Jade Designer by Kristina

Kristina began her designing career with Mason-Kay in 2007 and has created hundreds of one-of-a-kind jade styles. Her designs span the jewelry bridge from ‘current contemporary’ to what she terms ‘nouveau traditional’ styles. This incredible collection has ultimately developed into Mason-Kay’s top selling jade jewelry line.

With a background in the fine arts from New York University where she grew up, Kristina embraced an apprenticeship for her mother, Eva Brent; a successful artist in many different mediums. For ten years Kristina learned all aspects of creativity, composition, design, layout, color, and attention to detail depending on what medium her mother was working on at the time. These mediums included graphic design, oil painting and hand-painted needlepoint creations for which she became very well-known. In that time, Kristina developed her hand control, discerning eye and fundamental artistic skills.

“I am often asked about my artistic vision. This is actually a complicated question, especially when designing jade jewelry,” Kristina continues “Since every piece of loose jade is unique in its color, shape and quality, I start my process by analyzing every piece to determine what I think its place in the world may be. I believe that every unique piece of jade deserves an exceptional design to compliment it.”

“It is a similar process to the jade cutters and carvers in China. They inspect the rough boulders to ascertain the most prodigious tactic to extract the best possible pieces and most popular shapes of jade. Then they need to select which pieces will be transformed into smooth cabochons, bangles, beads, etc. and which need to be carved to whittle away the less desirable material and ultimately produce a gem.”

“It is this virtue of adaptability that has allowed me to be open-minded and flexible when designing jade jewelry. I approach each piece as a work of art and try to utilize color and design for balance and stability. Similar to a fine painting, I want the admirer to feel engaged and drawn to the movement of each design. In the end, it is crucial for me to produce a piece of jewelry that feels luxurious to wear, evokes emotion and one that will be treasured for a lifetime.”

Kristina Mason