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Since 1976, Mason-Kay has been buying and selling natural jadeite jade. We ONLY purchase natural jadeite jade.

To present your jade to Mason-Kay for purchase consideration, please complete the form below and upload a picture(s) of your jade item(s).

Hint:  When submitting your images, please photograph your piece(s) with a dollar bill in the image to help show color and size.

PLEASE NOTE- WE DO NOT PURCHASE ROCKS, BOULDERS, STATUARY OR FIGURINES!!! We only consider natural finished jade jewelry or polished loose stones (cabochons, carvings, discs, beads, etc.) for purchase.

Mason-Kay also offers testing and valuation assessment services, click here to see a listing of services and pricing.

We will review your submission and contact you within 3 business days.

NOTE: You should receive a 'Thank You' email response from us after you submit your information below.
Please call us if you do not receive this response. Also, please check your email spam/junk folders for our email responses. If you do not receive an email response within 5 days, please call us - 800-722-7575

We look forward to seeing your jade.

Thank you.

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