FTC Disclosure Guidelines

In 2001 the Federal Trade Commission strengthened its rules on disclosure of gem treatments.

In addition to the clause "It is unfair and deceptive to fail to disclose that a gemstone has been treated if the treatment is not permanent... or the treatment requires special care requirements", in April 2001 they added "if the treatment has a significant effect on the stones value".

This was sparked by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) and was supported by 15 other industry organizations.

Polymer impregnated ('B' jade) and/or dyed ('C' or 'D' jade) jadeite jade clearly falls into all three of these categories.

The value of polymer impregnated jadeite jade ('B' jade) is considered to be approximately 1/20 (5%) the value of its natural counterpoint. Dyed jadeite jade ('C' or 'D' jade) is worth almost nothing regardless of its appearance.

Both have been proven to be unstable and not permanent, requiring special care instructions.

While natural jadeite jade is frequently cleaned after polishing with acetone, cleaning 'B' jade in this manner could permanently damage the stone. Additionally, 'B' jade is quite fragile as the impregnation process compromises the strong crystalline structure of natural jadeite jade.