What Is Treated Jade Worth?

May 31, 2020

We at Mason-Kay are often asked about values of treated jade. Our answer is twofold:

If a jade piece is polymer impregnated but not dyed – ‘B’ jade – the value is figured to be 5%, maybe as high as 10%, of the value it would be if it was natural jade. In other words, a natural jade bangle with a value of $5,000, would be worth $250 to possibly as high as $500 if found to be polymer impregnated, but not dyed.


If dyed – whether impregnated or not – the value should be based on the assumption that the piece is of the poorest & least desirable jade color and consistency. This results in very little to no value for most dyed jade items.

For example, the green jadeite bangle shown to above could sell for as much as $50 if dyed (whether polymer is present, or not), $250-500 if only polymer treated and $5,000 if natural, untreated jadeite jade. There is considerable labor involved in cutting a solid bangle adding to the fundamental value, in comparison to a treated oval cabochon which would be worth almost nothing if dyed.

Having said this, the important question is what market is there for treated jade?


Polymer impregnated jadeite jade is not usually sold with proper disclosure, and prices can vary widely. The FTC requires disclosure of any gem treatment if the treatment significantly affects the care or value of the stone.  Treated jadeite definitely falls into both of these categories. Unfortunately, ‘B’ jade is too often misrepresented as natural, or as so frequently occurs, the salesperson assumes natural (or admits they really don’t know) since he/she really doesn’t know or understand much, if anything, about treated jade.


Mason-Kay sells only natural, type ‘A’ jadeite jade. To us, treated jade has really no value…

Thank you, Jeff Mason, G.G.

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