Jadeite Jade Jewelry by Mason-Kay Catalog-Vol. VI Page 2 & 3

Fine & Better Green Jadeite Jade Jewelry

Catalog: Jade Catalog Vol. VI

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Most of Mason-Kay's green jade jewelry designs are one-of-kind.
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For millenia, the Chinese have regarded jade as the most precious of all earthly objects. In the 18th century, with the new availability of jadeite jade, green became the most coveted color of all, and that is still the case. Mason-Kay consistently stocks an unparalleled selection of the finest in natural green jadeite jade, both loose and finished jade jewelry.

Being that green is the predominate color in the natural world; it is no wonder most of us are drawn to the refreshing color of untreated green jadeite. Green symbolizes self-respect, well being and harmony. Green is the most restful color for the eye and is also associated with growth, hope, and wealth. From the intense, flawless green jadeite jade (also known as imperial jade) to the soothing softness of apple green jadeite jade, one is bound to find a favorite hue of green jade to suit their taste.

Mason-Kay's Wide Selection of Green Jade Jewelry Includes:

  • Green Jadeite Jade Bracelets
  • Green Jadeite Jade Bangles
  • Green Jadeite Jade Earrings
  • Green Jadeite Jade Pendants
  • Green Jadeite Jade Necklaces
  • Green Jadeite Jade Rings
  • Green Jadeite Jade Pins/Brooches