Jade Jewelry at the HardRock Summit: A New Denver Gem Show

Jul 18, 2023

Wait? What?

Did You Say There Is A Fabulous Jewelry, Gem, Fossil & Mineral Show in Denver? Including Jade?

Coming soon? YES, I did!!!!

For many years the famous annual event of Denver's Original Denver Gem and Mineral show was held at the Merchandise Mart. Annual anticipation of this event was high and the crowds large, all to see what amazing jewelry and gem deals were to be had and the unusual fossils and minerals to find. After many decades the Mart closed in March 2021. This was the impetus needed to relocate the show to a new and superior location and expand the original show by adding an amazing new group of vendors with The Hardrock Summit.

So where has this show been for the past two years and how can you attend this year?

Denver's original Denver Gem & Mineral Show has moved to the Colorado Convention Center in the heart of Denver's downtown and has combined forces with The Hardrock Summit.

What is the Hardrock Summit? It is an international group with hundreds of vendors offering an incredible array of fine jewelry, gemstones, fossils and minerals all in one easy to access location and open to the public!

“this year’s HardRock Summit is open to buyers and sellers as well as the general public. Building on the success of last year’s event, during which 2,000 professional buyers attended and 3,800 visitors filled the halls, the 2022 Summit will feature exponentially more exhibitors and special showcases than previously. This September, many leading exhibitors from around the world are offering high-quality gems, plus rare and upmarket jewelry and minerals.” Forbes Magazine, Aug. 2022.

You say I will be able to purchase natural jadeite jade from one of the most reputable sources in the U.S.? Here in Denver? Open to the public? YES, I did!!!!

Being a local company (Mason-Kay Jade moved to Denver in 1993) we see the Hardrock Summit as an amazing opportunity. This show provides us with the chance to not only work with our long-standing wholesale customers but offer a once-a-year chance for our local customers to shop with us in person. Come meet me #KrisTheJadeLady!

Trade shows are really one of the best ways to see what we really do, view our amazing collection, learn about natural jadeite from experts and meet us in person. This is the only show we attend where you could do that! We will be bringing all the best Mason-Kay Jade has to offer. Remember, we only sell Certified, Natural, Untreated, Type A, Jadeite Jade Jewelry and loose stones and carvings. The jewelry includes our Classic Jade Jewelry Collection, Designer Jade Jewelry Collection and our Estate/Vintage Jade Jewelry Collection. We also have an amazing selection of natural jade bangle bracelets to choose from. We consider bangles to be Cinderella Jade pieces that have to fit just right, but you try them all on to find the perfect one for you. Choose from jade pendants, jade rings, jade earrings, jade bracelets, jade necklaces, jade gifts and more.

I am so excited about this year’s show and look forward to meeting you all. We have an incredible selection, including an amazing range of prices and designs. We will also have some awesome Jade Show Specials! Don't Miss Out. Everyone loves jade and we have a style and color for everyone! Natural Jade is believed to is help transfer negative energy from the body. It is believed to bring good luck and good health when touching the skin. It is also actually good for the polish of the stone for it to rubbed and loved which makes it the perfect gemstone worry stone! So, come say hello and learn about jade from the experts at Mason-Kay.
Let The Jade Find You In Denver With Mason-Kay!
Get Jaded In Denver!
Thank you,
Kristina Mason (#KrisTheJadeLady)

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