Jade Auctions Explode With 'Jadeite Fever'

Aug 19, 2010
In the recent  July issue of Jewellery News Asia there is an article that Fine Freeform Green Jadeite Jadeconfirms all that I have been saying. Jade is hot. Jade jewelry sales are on the rise and jade jewelry in general has Fine Green Jadeite Jade Peapod pairbecome more and more desirable.

The article begins "In spite of the global economic gloom that had forced consumers to hold off on spending, demand for high-end jadeite, after gemstones, remains red-hot in the Asian region." The article continues on to reveal that record prices were paid at jade auctions for rough material.

Jade has continued to be a well kept secret for investors. Prices here is the US have remained consistent and reasonable. As the demand for fine and better jadeite jade jewelry increases in Green Jade Drop Earrings from Azure CollectionFine Ice Jadeite JadeAsia, so have the prices. Mason-Kay Jade, the US leader in jadeite jade jewelry sales, has been experiencing increased sales and interest in jadeite jade jewelry. Mason-Kay has encountered much interest in their designer jade jewelry lines. The Azure Collection, designed by Kristina, featuring better green jade stones set in white gold with blue sapphire and diamond accents has received much acclaim as well as the highly anticipated Midnight Collection featuring better black jade set with rubies.

The article concludes "Due to the growing demand for jadeite, it is expected that high-end rough will become rarer and more precious, giving rise to record-breaking prices for the gemstone. The selling price of high-end, rough will continue to soar, which could further shore up prices for quality jadeite jewellery. In a downward market, the exquisite jadeite continues tFine Green Jadeite Jade Beadso shine. China’s jadeite trade with jadeite fetching record bids at recently held auctions in Myanmar, the “jadeite fever” gripping the mainland continues to heat up, further building up China’s market for uncut jadeite."

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