Fall 2019 New Jade Bangle & Bracelet Designs

Nov 01, 2019

Our selection of new natural jade bangles and natural jade bracelets for fall 2019 truly spans the gamut of design, jade color, bangle size and price ranges. The main distinction in the jade bangle world is between solid, one-piece bangles and two-piece bangles (with a hinge and clasp).  We call our one-piece jade bangles 'Cinderella pieces' because they need to fit just right over one’s hand/knuckles. One-piece jade bangles are usually cut in one of two styles; traditional, cylindrical style jade bangles, or half -round style (flat inside) jade bangles. Both styles can be found with smooth or carved jade. The bangle is a very personal purchase, and everyone has different preferences. 

Our hinge and clasp jade bangles, which open instead of sliding over the hand, are very popular as well and very easy to put on. Hinge and clasp bangles offer the opportunity to choose a bangle based on its beauty and how well it fits your wrist instead of how well it slides over your hand. Shown below are a few examples of each type of bangle. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have, or if you would like for us to search our entire jade bangle inventory for you. Not sure what size you need? Click here to visit our Bangle Sizing Page.

For all our jade jewelry categories, our design team makes a great effort to ensure a varied selection of styles and price ranges. They certainly have been successful with our jade bracelet selection for this fall. We believe everyone should be able to own natural jade and we have designs and prices for everyone.

Below you will find examples of some of our jade bead bracelets, jade & cord bracelets and jade link bracelets. There are four wonderful examples of our jade bead bracelets; an unusually fine lavender bead bracelet, fun and fabulous carved 'Year of the Pig' stretch bracelet, smooth green and carved black jade stretch bracelet and water jade and dark green cylindrical bead bracelet.

Last, while we show only two examples of jade link bracelets below, we have plenty more to consider. The two styles shown are gorgeous larger link bracelets; a fabulous vivid lavender jade bracelet and a wonderful multi-color jade bracelet. Both are set in 14K yellow gold with beautiful gold spacers. 

Remember, if you do not see the jade bangle or jade bracelet that you are looking for, please contact us! Thank you!


Style #355750
Fabulous, finer green jade oval, half round,18K yellow gold hinge & clasp bangle

Style #356535
Ice jade one-piece, half round bangle
12mm wide, approx. 59mm inside diameter

Style #234215
Traditional, cylindrical style green jade bangle
8.5mm thick, 60mm inside diamteter

Style #273153
Traditional, cylindrical style green jade bangle
approx. 11mm thick, 59mm inside diameter

Style #356085
Green jade cuff style,
14K yellow gold hinge & clasp bangle,
11mm wide, 55mm inside diameter

Style #191846
Lavender & green jade half round,
14K yellow gold hinge & clasp bangle,
16mm wide, approx. 58mm inside diameter

Style #355019
Carved green & lavender jade
14K yellow gold hinge & clasp bangle,
12mm wide, approx. 57mm inside diameter 

Style #352551
Smooth, even green jade cylindrical, 
14K yellow gold hinge & clasp bangle,
approx. 9.5mm wide, 60mm inside diameter 

Style #354340
Vivid lavender jade 6.5" bead bracelet
with 14K white gold MK signature clasp &
gold & diamond roundels 


Style #354739
Vivid green, red, yellow & white jade
carved 'Year of the Pig' stretch bracelet
with grey jade beads


Style #354678
Beautiful green & red jade section 
on adjustable cord bracelet
with red jade bead accents

Style #354692
Light green jade section 
on adjustable cord bracelet
with white jade bead accents

Style #355538
Large, smooth green jade bead
& carved black jade bead
stretch bracelet

Style #353183
Watery light green jade cylindrical bead
bracelet with smaller, darker green jade
cylindrical beads & 14K yellow gold clasp

Style #352445
Vivid lavender jade link bracelet,
4 curved sections set in 14K yellow gold
with 'key' design gold spacers

Style #352452
Larger multi-color jade link bracelet,
with 4 sections (lavender, red, green & yellow jade) set in 14K yellow gold


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