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Missed AGTA Tucson? More MK Jade At JCK Las Vegas Soon

The 2014 AGTA Tucson Show was a great success for Mason-Kay. We are thankful to all that were able to come by and visit with us and see all the best Mason-Kay Jade has to offer. Whether you saw us in Tucson or not, we are now looking forward to the upcoming JCK Show in Las Vegas. We will have many new fabulous jade designs. Below are just a few of our newest jade designs. Our designers are focused and determined to create beautiful one-of-a-kind jade pieces that encompass all aspects of jade color, style and price range.

Green JAde Drop earrings


Free Form Green Jade Bracelet

Style #321595
Green Jade & Red Jade Drop Earrings
Set in 18K Yellow Gold
Design by Kristina

Style #322318
Flat Free Form Green Jade Stones Set In
14K Yellow Gold Bracelet with MK Clasp
Design by Kristina

Carved Green Jade Rings Carved Green Jade Flower Necklace
Style #322462 – 18KYG
Style #322479 – 18KWG

Round Carved Green Jade Stones Set
In 18K Yellow Gold or White Gold Rings
With Pave Diamond Bezel
Style #321168
Carved Green Jade Flower Pendant With
Diamond Center on 14KYG Chain Necklace
Lavender Jade Drop Earrings Lavender Jade Ring

Style #322813
Lavender Jade 'Balls' Set in 18K White Gold Swirl Earrings With Diamonds
Design by Kristina

Style #321878
Lavender Jade 'Ball' Set in 18K White Gold
Swirl Prong Ring With Diamonds
Design by Kristina
Red Jade Ring With Green Jade Accents Red and Green Jade Necklace
Style #322325
Red Jade Rectangular Stone Set In 14K Yellow Gold Ring With Green
Jade Side Stones
Design by Kristina
Style #321885
Red Jade 'Gourds' & Green Jade Tear Drops Set With Diamond Tops on 14K Yellow Gold Necklace
Design by Kristina
Ice Jade Key Necklace with a Ruby & Diamond Top Green Jade & Diamond Ring

Style #322431
Ice Jade 'Key' Pendant With Ruby & Diamond
Top Set On 18K White Gold Necklace
Design by Kristina

Style #322790
Elongated Green Jade Oval Cab Bezel
Set In 18K White Gold Ring With
Bezel Set Diamond Side Stones
Design by Kristina


Ice Jade & Green Jade Bracelet Ice Jade & Green Jade Drop Earrings
Style #322387
Fancy Shaped Ice Jade Link Bracelet SetWith 14K White Gold &
Green Jade Beads
Design by Kristina
Style #322370
Fancy Shaped Ice Jade Drop Earrings
Set With 14K White Gold &
Green Jade Beads
Design by Kristina
Round Green Jade Earrings Carved Jade Necklace
Style #322301
Round Green Jade Stones Set
In 18K Yellow Gold Earrings
Design by Kristina
Style #320819
Green & Red Jade Carving Hanging on
14K Yellow Gold Chain Necklace &
Green Jade Roundel
Design by Kristina

If you have any questions, if you are interested about any of the pieces above or would like to schedule an appointment for Las Vegas or a trunk show in your store please click here to email us, or feel free to call 800-722-7575. Please keep in the mind the many avenues Mason-Kay has to offer online. We have a great deal of information about jade on our main site at, it is also the place to upload any photos of your jade pieces you would like for us to see for testing or to offer for sale. We have a very comprehensive and user friendly online jade showroom at and there is always our jade jewelry blog which offers trendy jewelry posts as well as a great place to view some of our newest jade designs.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas (Booth #S10370). Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your jade questions.

Thank you!


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Mason-Kay Jade Color Chart – A Jewelry Essential

Mason Kay Jade Color Chart


The Mason-Kay Jade Color Chart has been
a jewelry essential since 1985.


Countless jewelry stores and appraisers have considered this jade color wheel as one of the most essential and effective jadeite jade tools in the jewelry industry. This color chart is renowned and valued worldwide.

- It greatly expands knowledge of the extensive color possibilities of jadeite jade

- Aids jewelers and appraisers with identification and jade edification

- Assists Mason-Kay and our customers with jade requests, stone matching & availability and general jade questions

- Reveals the glorious array of the Colors of Jadeite Jade – Green jade, lavender jade, red jade, yellow jade, white jade, black jade, grey jade, ice jade (colorless)

At Mason-Kay we pride ourselves on our superior customer service. Without this vital resource it would be virtually impossible to assist our customers to the proper extent. Often an incoming call from one of our valued customers begins with a request regarding a specific color on our chart.

We recently enhanced this color chart to include examples of translucency and texture, allowing for even greater descriptive possibilities. We are always trying to improve and enhance general jade knowledge and customer assistance.

Just a simple glance at this chart fills one with the certainty and understanding that jade is an extraordinary gemstone. Valued for centuries, it is no wonder that the popularity of jade is on the rise. Designers, celebrities and consumers have discovered the beauty, versatility and unique qualities of this remakrable gemstone.

"One of the rarest stones in the world, more precious than diamonds, coveted for its life-extending powers…as well as for its astonishing beauty  – a stone that has shaped the destiny of nations and changed the lives of all who have worn it." Taken from The Stone of Heaven: Unearthing the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade.

This color chart is available on our website to view and as a PDF download – click here.


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